The Marketing Process

Your book is available to buy, so how do you get the word out? At Inkwell Writers, we’ve already been where you want to go. Our marketing coaching gives you the tools you need to successfully market your book to your audience. Whether you need a website, branding, a social media plan, or publicity tips, we can put you on the path to promotion.

Website Design

Every author needs a professional-looking website. Your website promotes your brand (you!) and your work. We can connect you to a professional web designer, or assist you to build your own with WordPress or Wix.


Branding is promoting a particular product with advertising and design.  For an author, your brand is YOU! Your brand is a reflection of your personality, but it should also promote your books to your readers and show them what to expect from your work. At Inkwell Writers, we’ll help you hone your brand to reflect who you are, what you do, and where you’re going.

Social Media

In this digital age, social media is key, and Inkwell Writers will help you navigate the noise! We’ll give you tools to market your brand and coach you on consistency.


Whether it’s advertising, interviews, or book reviews, good publicity sells books. We aren’t publicists, but we know some good ones, and we can also coach you to do a lot of the hard work yourself. Unfortunately, even traditionally published authors have to do the majority of the marketing themselves, so you’re not alone!