Finished published delivered

If you’re a writer, and “Where do I go from here?” is the uppermost question in your mind, then you’ve come to the right place.  At Inkwell Writers Publishing Services, our goal is to move you from unfinished manuscript to published work to finding your audience in this digital age. We want to be a tool for those writers coming to the end and looking for that next step: BEING READ! We’ve already been where you’re going, and we use what we’ve learned about editing, publishing, printing, branding, and social media platforms to make your creative work a reality.


The Editing Process

Our team of editors will assist you through the arduous—yet essential—task of editing your manuscript. At Inkwell Writers, editing is foundational. We love the freedom, creative control, and fast pace of independent publishing, but we also feel strongly about raising the quality of independent publishing.  That’s why editing is so important to us.  It places the independent writer on par with those who are traditionally published.  To release a book without proper editing is like releasing the demo version of a song: potential, but no polish. Our sincere desire is to help you present the very best version of your work to your readers, and editing is the beginning step in that process.



The Publishing Process

Ready to upload? Not yet! At Inkwell Writers, we want to help you through the daunting independent publishing process. As independent authors ourselves, we understand that it can be overwhelming! Our team of graphic designers will turn your manuscript into a book! We offer both interior page design, as well as cover design for both print and eBook. We are also able to assist the independent author with file uploads to IngramSpark or Amazon KDP, as well as metadata creation, ISBN acquisition, and copyright filing with the Library of Congress. 


The Marketing Process

Your book is available to buy, so how do you get the word out? At Inkwell Writers, we’ve already been where you want to go. Our marketing coaching gives you the tools you need to successfully market your book to your audience. Whether you need a website, branding, a social media plan, or publicity tips, we can put you on the path to promotion.

Are you ready to finish what you started?