The Editing Process

Our team of editors will assist you through the arduous—yet essential—task of editing your manuscript.  At Inkwell Writers, we feel editing is foundational. We love the freedom, creative control, and fast-pace of independent publishing, but we also feel strongly about raising the quality of independent publishing.  That’s why editing is so important to us.  It places the independent writer on par with those who are traditionally published.  To publish a book without proper editing is like releasing the demo version of a song: potential, but no polish. Our sincere desire is to help writers present the very best version of their work to their readers, and editing is the beginning step in that process.



The essential first step after completion of your work.  There are a variety of types of editing, from content and structural editing to line and copy editing. At Inkwell Writers, our team finds it difficult to separate one from the other, so when you hire one of our editors, you aren’t merely hiring someone to dot i’s and cross t’s.  Our editing process checks for grammatical and spelling errors, but will also look for gaps in storyline (fiction), readability, fact-checking (non-fiction), and writing style.  By working back-and-forth with the author, our comprehensive editing process will produce the best version of your manuscript.



This is the final step before publication.  While it’s important for an author to proofread his or her own work before submitting it to an editor, proofreading is that crucial last step after a manuscript has undergone a comprehensive editing process.  It is the last check for typos, grammatical errors, and page design issues.